About Us


Eric & Anne Miller are dedicated long-range competitive shooters with a preference for tactical field steel matches. Eric is a certified Hunter Education instructor, State 4H Rifle instructor and serves on the State 4H Advisory Committee for Shooting Sports. As a gunsmith, he shoots competitively for Lane Suppressors as well as Pacific Research & Development. Eric is also a former NRA Rifle Training Counselor & Chief RSO. Anne became an avid shooter later in life, after an eye dominance discovery. She is also a sponsored competitive shooter for Benchmark Barrels; Lane Suppressors; Red Ants Pants; Defiance; Seekins Precision; Frozen Fiber; Pacific Research & Development. Anne is a 4H shooting sports instructor, hunter and advocate for women's shooting opportunities. As a team, they participate on the Sportsman Channel series called Long Range Reality. The couple formerly served as co-owners of Sage Flats Shooter located in Jordan, Montana.