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40 Round Ammo Pouch

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    Perfect for holding 40 rounds in the field and range, these pouches are made to fit Short Action cartridges and SAUMs or Long Action Mags plus WSM. Push-button toggle closure. Mil Spec (Coyote & Multi Cam) 1000 Weight Backed Cordura works fast in the rain and snow when you're already swearing. Dashboard tested.

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    1. Ammo Pouch

      Looks good! Looks well made. Folds nicely to fit in pack. Will try it when 'new toy' arrives. on Mar 31st 2019

    2. I made the wrong decision...

      Well, I was a skeptic, I thought I’d order just one for now and see if the quality was what I was expecting and if it was, I’d order several more. Do yourself a favor, order the 3 pack, the quality, design and function are all there, hands down the best I’ve used. Don’t make my mistake, one is never enough. on Mar 29th 2019

    3. Darn near perfect

      I love these things. Only thing to make it slightly better would be a flap/window for a business card size piece of paper to describe the ammo batch/lot/etc...

      These things are compact, easy to stow, and elastic is sewn perfect for my Short action rounds.
      on Feb 17th 2018

    4. 40 Round Ammo Pouch

      High quality product and company. on Nov 2nd 2017

    5. 40 Round Ammo Wallet

      This is my fourth 40 round ammo wallet and my absolute favorite for match use.Rugged,reliable,takes up hardly any room in the top lid of my pack and in my opinion,these are the finest on the market. on Nov 22nd 2016

    6. Perfect

      Plain, functional, no bling! on Nov 10th 2016

    7. Great Solution for being out in the field

      I have slowly evolved through the years on what I take with me when I go shooting, whether that be at my local range or when I want to go out somewhere on my own and shoot. Very early on I discovered how much of a hassle it is to bring factory ammo boxes with you. They only hold 20 rounds, if it is wet at all the cardboard will disintegrate on you, and you have the left over trash that if you are not careful can blow away from you. My first stop was to put all my factory ammo in reloading boxes. This worked well as it allowed me to carry more ammo in 1 box, no trash to have to worry about, and they were durable. The major down side to reloading boxes was that they could be hard to pack in a backpack, they would rattle like crazy as you walked around, you have to have different boxes for different calibers. I came across these AEM Precision Ammo Pouches and knew that this was going to be my last stop. The craftsmanship is excellent. They can fit up to 40 rounds. If you only need 20 you can either buy a smaller option or just only load have of the 40 round ammo pouch. They can fit a wide variety of calibers so if you have different guns you can still load up the same pouch when you go out. They are durable and when fully loaded are easy to find a place for them to fit in range bags or backpacks. If you reload you can even push the empty brass back into the elastic to take home.

      I plan on ordering a few more so that when I do rifle competitions I don't have to bring plastic boxes with me anymore.
      on Oct 21st 2016

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