11 Second Action Cover

11 Second Action Cover

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    Meet the 11 Second Action Cover, born by necessity in the land of 30 mph winds full of dust, occasional downpours and sometimes even pine needles. This piece of equipment is made from lightweight ripstop nylon with a toggle cord closure covering the scope and rear and velcro strips ensuring the bottom is secured over trigger and action. It is created fit a wide variety of build designs and and deploy rapidly. When not in use, it can either fold tightly in a pocket or attach to a pack.

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    1. Great cover!

      Does just what it needs to, protecting your optic, action, and trigger. It's compact and is quick to put on and take off, so you'll both have it and use it when needed. on Jul 31st 2018

    2. light weight and practical

      I don’t need another bulky item to haul around. The cover is light weight and easily stuffs in a pocket when not on the rifle. Seals tight and keeps the weather and dust out of the action and scope. on Apr 6th 2018

    3. This product is a must in your kit!

      Whether you're hunting or shooting matches this is a product that you'll be glad you have with you! Keeps dust, rain and foreign debris out of your action and scope. Easy on and off. Wad it up, stuff it in your pocket or pack. Anyone who has shot field matches knows how dusty a day in the field can be. Nothing is worse than blowing a stage because your action is gummed up with dust. Simple, light solution. Great product! on Sep 20th 2017

    4. Great product and build quality

      After encountering heavy wind, blowing dust, sand, and other organic stuff at my first match, I took Katie of this product being used by other shooters. Just the concept interested me enough to get a couple of these for a shooting buddy and myself. The quality and attention to detail did not disappoint. Although a simple concept, the design of this product just makes sense. Packaging and shipping was good as well. Thanks for supporting the shooting sports with a very practical and functional piece of gear. on Jun 10th 2017

    5. Well made Scope/Action cover

      Light weight and well made. Folds up small so it will always be in my pack ready to go when needed. on May 21st 2017

    6. Super Simple, Extra Insurance

      The worst thing you can have happen is a rifle that you are shooting well and feeling confident behind but as the day goes on and the rifle is exposed to the elements more it starts to fail. I used this product last weekend at a competition that was solid wind all day ranging from 5-25 miles an hour. Being a field match it was blowing dirt and dust all day. It was easy to pull this out and keep my action and my optics free of debris without having a large pad that I had to also pack around with me. on Dec 8th 2016

    7. Excellent action/scope cover

      This lightweight cover works quickly and efficiently. It kept my action, bolt, and scope dry during a heavy downpour. I would highly recommend this to anyone that uses their gun outside for long periods of time when the weather may be questionable. on Aug 15th 2016

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